Ask No Questions, Hear No Lies

Welcome to the Ask Questions, Receive Lies campaign homepage. The story is fairly simple so far.

You have a job to do. You’re hunting treasure. The fabulously legendary Blazing Star of Entwined Destinies , to be exact. Recently your employers got wind of a rumor, hinting at its present location. They sent you. Why? Because, you’re a promising adventuring type with ambition and the drive to see a trip like this through. Because, the problem is, it’s across the continent. And about 3 major land holdings away. And it might be guarded. And it might be hostile. And nobody really know what it is, other than magical. And any sort of uncontrolled magical artifact is likely to be the object of some heavy competition.

But hey, you’re the best. So get out there and get the Star. Do your job, friend. Get it, bring it back to your employers, and don’t ask any questions. You ask questions, you’re likely to receive lies.

Happy Hunting.

Ask Question, Receive Lies

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