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Welcome to AQRL wiki!

This wiki contains, in no particular order, some place names that take a prominent part in the initial story, some people you might find yourself working for, a little bit of the history of the world, and a little bit of teaser information about that thing you’re chasing. Hooray!

For ease of reference, there are tags for locations , folklore , objects , and coming soon: minor characters and events.

The Cool Thing About the Wiki Format

Anyone can put anything in a wiki, it’s the strong point of the whole deal. So if you don’t think something important is being referenced properly, please feel free to add it. Your friendly neighborhood GM isn’t actually God, although she plays one in an RPG. As well, please feel free to add to your character’s bio and fluff pages as you develop through the sessions! It’s your guy, tell your story your way!

In a Similar Vein, We Have a Neat Common Blog

The Adventure Log is pretty awesome. I sorta chuck a little recap in there at the end of our sessions. It’s set up to be posted in by any player in the campaign though, so just like the wiki, anyone can add things to it at any time. Have fun!

HTML and Textile

So it turns out the simple wiki format stuff I use to make easy links to things within the campaign site is actually the “Textile” I am “too dumb” to use. The nice thing is, there’s a neat sidebar that shows you how to format the things you want, and a little tool bar at the top of the text space that does it automagically for the clinically lazy. :D

Main Page

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